Fiesta Fiesta!

My Grandma asked for a birthday party

and I tried to throw her the ultimate fiesta!

Gold donkey piñata included

       GrandmaBirthdayInvitation.jpg copy


I purchased -flat 5×7 cards and -teal envelopes from

Paper Source as well as two -packs of tissues paper          –

from the 99 cents store and printed them at home

(trying to do it cute and on budget)

  1. cut the tissue paper to size of card
  2. fold tissue strips almost in half **leave a little

showing on bottom for the “piñata look”

  1. cut strips vertically leaving about 1/4 inch

for glue spot

  1. glue in color choice order
  2. for a special touch I sewed the top in a zig zag

pattern on the machine

VOILA! Beautiful and highly complimented



Party Favors:

I went to the flower mart in Los Angeles and bought

-succulents for about $2.50 each -small terra cotta pots

OSH -Gift tags from JoAnns and I already had twine at


  1. Pot the succulents and be sure to use cactus/succulent soil for best results
  1. Write message onto gift tag, “gracias” in my case
  2. Tie onto pot with twine (I attempted to do it with embroidery string at first but it would not hold)

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