Street Photography



Let’s be honest, starting out shooting street photography is no easy task. Forget trying to focus on capturing the perfect image, when I first started, I would try to point and shoot so quick that all of my images would be a blur! Once I got over the initial intimidation factor, I realized that it was exhilarating.  I love capturing people in their natural state; I feel that it shows more beauty and raw emotion and that it can convey so much more than if they were to pose and say “cheeeeese!”. Some tips that I received from my photography teacher were:

1) Get close and I mean CLOSE.  One of the things that I, along with so many others, worry about when shooting street photography is being judged by other people as being a “creeper” or a weirdo. When I go out and shoot random people, I still get a little anxious feeling like someone is going to come up and say something to me, but thats all part of the thrill after you take your amazing shot :). You have to disregard those feelings because really…when you think about it, you’re shooting on the street, what are the odds that you will see these people ever again and these people that are “judging” you don’t even know you. Go out and have fun!

2) Look friendly.


This is an important one! It is funny how far a smile can go, especially when shooting in the streets. If you take a photo of somebody and they give you a weird look or a grump face, just give them a good little smile and it usually lightens everyones mood. When I shoot here in Downtown Los Angeles, even some of the most unapproachable, “hard” people will smile back at you.  People are more likely to trust a friendly face.

3) Attire. Blend in and try to be “a fly on the wall”.  Don’t wear anything outrageous or that makes you a sore thumb.

4) Ask for permission. I don’t ever ask people for permission when shooting with the exception of children.  I won’t go and shoot little kids without getting permission from their parents.  I don’t want to come off as an actual creeper and freak the parents out.

5) Go out and do it! Get over the nerves and just go do it! Have Fun! IMG_0719

Photos were shot at Olvera Street in Los Angeles, CA


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