Say Cheeeeeese!

I love making DIY photo booths for the holidays when family and friends get together, it’s always a fun way to make and keep memories!

Here was my Pinterest backdrop inspiration:



This back drop is great because its fun, colorful and you’re able to make something look great for cheap!

I ran to my local 99 Cents store to buy some streamers and then I added my own take on the inspiration picture above.

I had some artist’ tape that I already had at home, but you could use painters tape or even masking.

Tape set-up:

  • First take two small pieces of tape and put them somewhere that is easily accessible ( I placed mine on the back of my hand)
  • Tear a piece of tape as long as the desired length of your Photo Booth backdrop (Make sure it covers enough area to fit two people 🙂 )
  • Figure out the desired height and with the long piece of tape flip it so the sticky side is facing you and the matte side is against the wall. The sticky side is what the steamers are going to adhere to
  • You’re then going to use the small piece to tape the longer one to the wall and then are going to use the remaining small piece to tape the other side of the long piece up.
  • * I repeated this process once more at the bottom of my “booth”; unlike the inspo picture, I didn’t want it floor length or loose flowing.

Now for the streamers:

  • You could do this two ways. The first is to measure a piece of streamer to the tape pieces and cut all colors to the same length OR you can just go for it and cut it while it is taped on the wall. I did the first option


And PRESTO! You have a cute background that photographs really well 🙂



Now for the fun part!

I made some easter props and mixed them with others (lips, mustaches, glasses…) that I found on  

bunny face


bent bunny ears                 easter-bunny-ears-template


Here is a picture of the finished props. (A fun way to get kids involved is to let them color them in)


Go to your local hardware store and purchase a couple of dowels or you can use skewers to act as the stick to hold the props up

I purchased mine from OSH and just hot glued them

*** Make sure you are alternating the sides your gluing the sticks on!! That way people are able to hold multiple props at the same time

Happy Easter!





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