DIY Tassel Blanket

With a little Pinterest inspiration, I decided to make this super cute, bohemian style, tassel blanket.

It also makes a great gift!


It’s the perfect size, super inexpensive to make and can be a perfect throw or blanket to take to the park!


Items needed:

-Blanket- purchased at IKEA for $11 (super easy to make yourself too!)

-Yarn- if it is a small roll I suggest purchasing two, they were only $1.99 at Michaels

-Tapestry Needle

-String- similar to the color of your blanket

-Regular needle

-Sewing Machine

-Cardboard Square- ~4 1/2 in. (to make tassels)


Measure your piece of thread the width of the blanket with 2 extra inches on each side


 Start threading


Continue the width of the blanket


The person I’m making this for loves Coral and Yellow so I decided to throw it in as an accent…totally optional, looks great with just one color


Repeat this 5 times


You need a piece of cardboard, the size of the cardboard will determine how long you want your tassels.  My cardboard piece is 4 1/2 inches long.
Wrap your yarn 22 times around the cardboard.  How many times you wrap the yarn determines how thick your tassel will be.
Cut a small piece and place it behind all the pieces of yarn, slide it to the top and tie loosely
Then take your scissors and cut the bottom of the string (while it is still on the cardboard)
Once it is off the cardboard, tie the knot tight and then tie again.


Get another piece of yarn and tie the top of the tassel.  Let the excess hang with the rest of the yarn.


Cut off the excess thread on the top


Sew your tassels along the blanket
I tied 11 on each side
To tie on the tassels, insert the needle through the top of the tassel into the knot at the very top, then sew onto blanket repeating this until it seems secure


Lastly you need to secure the stitches.  I just did this with my sewing machine
Here is another look at another version of the blanket:

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