Gold Leaf Accents

Two things I love: Fall & Gold…So why not combine the two!

Below is a cute, fast and cheap way to beautify a fall dinner party (not to mention a way to receive some Oohs and Aahs) 🙂



Items Needed:

*Gold Spray Paint (purchased at OSH, favorite brand pictured below)

tip: make sure it is the gold tone that you are looking for

*Package of silk leaves (purchased at JoAnns)

*Fishing Line

tip: to get the line to hang straight, run under hot water and hold ends taut


*Hot Glue Gun


The First step I took was to spray paint all of the leaves.  I made sure to purchase a pack that had varying sizes. The silk leaves took and held the color very well.


After straightening out my fishing line (see tip above), I used an embroidery sized needle to thread the line.  I chose to put the line in different sides of the leaves to mimic how they would fall naturally.  I then used the hot glue gun to place a small dot of glue where I threaded the line in order to keep the leaves from slipping of falling off the line if it was to become windy.

And Voila! I tied them onto my outdoor lights for a super fast and beautiful way to create a chandelier look for my fall dinner party!



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